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Our Mission

Our mission is to make debate accessible and affordable for everyone, give opportunities to everyone to become a debater, and practice skills such as critical thinking, researching, persuasion, and public speaking. 

Pricing & Schedules

10 Session Course: $200 for first 10 sign-ups, $350 after!

In our nine-week academy course for beginners to intermediate debaters, participants will dive into an engaging and supportive learning environment guided by experienced debate coaches who provide personalized instruction. Students will learn essential debate concepts, partake in practice debates, and receive tailored feedback to foster their critical thinking and teamwork abilities. Designed to help students step outside their comfort zones and excel a debate setting, this camp culminates in a real debate among peers.

Class Times: March 3rd - May 5th (Sundays)

Benefits Of Debate

Public Speaking & Logical Reasoning Skills

Debate allows individuals to practice presenting their ideas clearly and defend their positions with sound evidence and logic.

Improved Standardized Test Scores

Debate enhances critical thinking, attention to detail, and information processing speed, leading to better standardized test scores.

Stronger Academic Performance

Debate not only increases an individual's awareness of current events but also improves writing skills, providing an advantage in Social Studies and English classes.

Higher College Admission Chances

Debate is an excellent extracurricular activity to include on a college resume. It demonstrates an individual's initiative to learn and showcases valuable critical thinking and communication skills.


Our carefully crafted lesson plans are informed by the expertise of coaches from diverse programs and reviewed by nationally ranked debaters. Furthermore, our network includes former coaches and debate peers who have attended prestigious universities such as Harvard, UPenn, Princeton, MIT, and Stanford, and are eager to contribute their knowledge by joining our classes as guest speakers or providing individual coaching to our students. 

Why Join

“Debate unlocked my academic potential, teaching me critical thinking, persuasive communication, and open-mindedness. It sparked my passion for learning and discovery. Beyond academia, it taught me to respect differing opinions, actively listen, empathize, and broaden my perspectives. These skills continue to serve me in building relationships, navigating challenges, and making a positive impact on the world.” 

Santiago Calderon | Harvard Student, Class of 2026

Our classes are currently held online through Google Meet


Ekansh Dave

Eric Zhou

Jeff Hou

Our Qualifications

  • Led a transformative public speaking course at Sheppard Pratt for children new to debate, resulting in a 400% boost in their public speaking skills. This reflects our commitment to making high-quality education accessible to all.
  • Conducted a 4-session public speaking and debate program at TNGS in Taiwan, culminating in a tournament. This experience enhanced students’ debating abilities and provided them with valuable debate tournament opportunities.
  • 40+ Years of combined debate experience
  • 120+ students taught
  • 10x TOC Qualifier

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